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Mold Damage Is Never Fun, but
We Can Make It Easier.

Mold poses serious health risks to those exposed. That’s why the experts as Blue Ridge Property Restore are committed to finding the source of the mold problem and remediate the issue as fast as possible.

If you suspect mold has taken refuge in your household or business, contact Blue Ridge Property Restore today.

Mold Damage Services

Oftentimes, mold can grow as a result of major water damage or it can appear without warning. At Blue Ridge Property Restore, we have the tools, safety apparatuses and equipment necessary to stop mold spores from growing and prevent future mold growth from occurring.

So, how can we help you?

When faced with the potential hazardous risks of mold infestation, allow the professionals at Blue Ridge to find the source and remediate it. We'll help ensure you're back to your daily schedule as fast as possible. Browse our mold remediation services to see how we can help you.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, contact Blue Ridge today. We’re trained and highly experienced in effective mold removal, 24/7 when you need us most.

Black mold removal requires specific knowledge and professional service. At Blue Ridge, we’re well equipped to handle black mold removal from any home or business.

As experts in deodorization, we’re trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors disrupting your daily routine.

After a flood or fire, content restoration just as important as cleanup in order to salvage as many personal items as possible. Blue Ridge professionals understand this need and are here to help no matter the time of day.

Blue Ridge professionals are highly experienced in water damage restoration and are well equipped to not only eliminate water, but also any chances of future mold growth.

When your personal items need dried after an emergency, our facility’s desiccant dryer helps salvage items otherwise destroyed by a fire or flood.