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Mold exposure can be very dangerous for you and the people you care about. If you suspect mold has taken refuge in your home or business, contact Blue Ridge Property Restore today.

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Health Risks of Mold Exposure

Immediate and effective mold removal is essential since mold poses serious health risks to anyone that is exposed to it. While anyone can experience mold exposure symptoms, people who are at higher risk for harm from mold include:

  • People with a mold allergy
  • People with suppressed immune systems
  • People with preexisting respiratory health conditions
  • People that have previously been exposed to mold
  • Young children and the elderly

If you suspect your home or business has mold, contact our team today so that you and the people you care about are no longer at risk for developing mold-related health issues.

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Our Mold Removal Services

Oftentimes, mold can grow as a result of major water damage or it can appear without warning. At Blue Ridge Property Restore, we have the tools, safety apparatuses and equipment necessary to stop mold spores from growing and prevent future mold growth from occurring.

When faced with the hazardous risks of mold infestation, allow the professionals at Blue Ridge to find the source and remediate it. We’ll help ensure you’re back to your daily schedule as fast as possible. The mold removal services we offer include: 

Mold Removal: Using specialized techniques, equipment, and cleaning solution to remove all the mold from your property, including any black mold.

Deodorization: Neutralizing any lingering bad odor

Content Restoration: Salvaging as many of your personal items as possible using a variety of proven approaches. 

Water Damage Remediation: Identifying the mold’s water source and resolving any water damage to prevent regrowth.

Contact us to get the mold removal process started.

Addressing Mold’s Root Cause to Prevent Regrowth

The last thing you want is to get the mold removed from your property only for it to come back a few days later. All mold spores need a source of moisture to grow. That’s why mold and water damage frequently go hand-in-hand. Blue Ridge searches for the source of the moisture so that it can be resolved, helping you avoid mold regrowth.

If you want a mold remediation team that addresses the root cause of your property’s mold instead of cutting corners and calling it good, reach out to Blue Ridge.