5 Common Home emergencies, and how to avoid them.

December 22nd, 2014


1. Burst Washing Machine Hose

As washing machine hoses age, they eventually wear down and burst causing costly flooding.  Consider switching to a stainless-steel reinforced hose.

2. Leaky Roof

Mother nature is pretty rough on your roof.  Regularly check your rook for damaged or missing shingles.

3. Refrigerator Leaks

The refrigerator is a common culprit in residential floods.  Ensure your water line unkinked and in good condition.

4. Overloaded Electrical Outlets

Electrical failures are factors in 14% of home fires.  Have your wiring inspected by a licensed electrician to fix these problems before they cause a fire.

5. Cooking Fires

Cooking fires are the leading cause of residential fires.  Never leave your stove unattended, and keep all flammable items away from the stove top.

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