Your unexpected house guest. Mold.

May 15th, 2015

With summer temperatures rising there is a tendency for humidity and moisture to get trapped in your home creating ideal conditions for mold to breed. Our experiences with mold remediation in homes, we have found that the water we don’t see is the water that causes the most harm.  For instance the areas around the A/C unit, water heater, pipes and fittings leading to bathroom or kitchen fixtures can have slow, persistent leaks and cause dangerous mold to start breeding.

Moisture and high temperatures create the ideal environment for mold growth; consequently producing spores which can have adverse health conditions.  Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Basements and crawl spaces are ideal places for mold growth because they are typically damp, dark and dusty, a great combination for mold growth. Keep your eyes open, because you can usually spot mold growth or smell its musty odors. Also check the drywall underneath the sinks, in the cabinets, and around the pipes leading to your toilet.

If you suspect you find have mold in your home.  To be safe get order an Indoor Air Quality Test with an Environmental Hygienist.  This test will indicated not only the level of mold in the house, but the types of mold as well.  Finally, call IICRC certified Blue Ridge Property Restore right away for professional mold remediation and cleaning services.

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